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Secure Data Shredding

Secure data shredding

This is the process of erasing sensitive data in such a way that its deemed unrecoverable

East Africa Recovery Experts offers numerous solutions to assist companies with proper handling of secure data destruction and hard drive shredding.

Secure Data Destruction is not something that can be accomplished by running a simple software application or formatting, smashing or opening a hard disk drive. Even drilling holes in a hard drive does not render it unrecoverable.

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Don’t let your data go into the wrong hands

Data stored on disk drives containing files with social security numbers, customer financial transaction records or business trade secrets and software code must be securely managed from the time it is created until it is destroyed.

When computer and storage systems reach end-of-life and are taken out-of-service, the data stored on the disk drives in these devices must be securely, completely and permanently removed from the drive to ensure that proprietary and sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Why is Permanent Data Erasure very Important?
  • Sensitive information that falls into the wrong hands can lead to loss of business, property, or reputation or lead to civil and criminal liability
  • An organization’s most sensitive information and intellectual property are often stored on hard drives
  • Simply deleting data from a hard drive does not mean that the data is gone forever( including shift+delete)
When do you require using permanent data erasure?
  • When donating PCs to other organizations for re-use
  • When disposing used PCs and hard drives
  • When transferring a PC from one user to another

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