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Cloud Back Up Solutions

Cloud and Backup Solutions

Any business can fall victim to the forces of nature. Whether it’s a blaze that burns through your office, or a flash flood that sends water coursing through your server room, disasters can hit at any time, and the most likely casualty is your data.

You can beat the odds by designing a backup plan that protects against worst-case scenarios.It’s a fact of modern life that archiving data is essential to prevent a data disaster. Still, something like one-third of computers are never backed up.

In place of the traditional technique of storing backups on an external hard drive, an increasingly popular remedy is to use an online backup service that saves the data on servers in the cloud. You don’t need any extra hardware and once it’s been set up, the system can automatically do the deed when the computer is idle.

Backing up your files is vital. Imagine, you simply lose all your precious photos, documents, personal and business files. It’s not a question if but when data loss is going to happen to you if you’re not protected.

Safeguard your data.

East Africa Recovery Experts provides a cloud based backup and recovery solution that provides SMEs, Private Companies, Government Institution and even Individuals with offsite backup services through an internet connection.

Other than just providing you with an alternative to conventional backup practices like tape and static external media, we offer a solution that serves you with the technology to manage your daily business data.

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